TMS Cougar Athletics

Participation in team and individual sports not only promotes a feeling of family and belonging, but it allows students to develop themselves physically and emotionally. Students gain strength and talents and have the opportunity to develop leadership skills while learning the art of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Year-Round Sports

We are pleased to offer our students a variety of choices throughout the year.

Fall Athletics

  • Girls Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer

Winter Athletics

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball

Spring Athletics

  • Track
  • Boys Baseball
  • Girls Softball

Academic Standards for Participation in Athletics

Scholastic thresholds encourage participation in co-curricular activities to the fullest extent possible in keeping the students' best interest in the academic program. The academic standards for participation of middle school students in co-curricular activities follow:

  • During the first marking period, all students are eligible.
  • During the second through fourth marking periods, students must pass all major subjects (language arts, science, social studies, mathematics, world language) from the previous marking period to retain eligibility.

If a student is ineligible based on the above standards, we will exclude him/her from co-curricular activities for the ensuing marking period.

Some of the Rules

Absence from School

If a student is absent for the school day, we will not allow him/her to participate in extra/co-curricular activities, which includes athletics. 

Uniform Rules

  • Return the uniform one week after the completion of the season.
  • Wash the uniform before returning it.
  • Only wear the athletics uniform when the coach requires it.

Code of Conduct

We love it when parents and spectators come to our games and meets. We encourage all to support good sportsmanship and to be positive role models to student athletes. Please enthusiastically encourage our Cougars, and refrain from “booing” and using negative remarks. Please show good sportsmanship by applauding outstanding play by any team. 

We do not permit noisemakers, signs, or banners.