TMS Academics

We are committed to our students’ academic achievement. Our curriculum addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of the whole child. Our students graduate well-prepared for success in high school and beyond.

5th Grade—Moving In

We look forward to en exciting year with our enthusiastic fifth graders. This year is a fun year full of new experiences. Here’s a little tip to help lessen the possible anxiety and aid in success.

Learning how to use a locker? Here's how to do it. 

Your combination has three numbers.

  1. Set the lock to zero by turning the dial to zero. 
  2. Turn the dial to the right to the first number. 
  3. Turn the dial to the left to the second number—but you must pass the first number once.
  4. Turn the dial to the right again until you get to the third number. 
  5. Push up on the black button to open your locker.

If you need help, ask any teacher at Tenakill. If you do not see a teacher in the hallway, go to your a.m. or p.m. block teacher or report to the office.

6th Grade—Getting Comfortable

No longer the newbies, this year is full of the excitement of possibilities. We encourage our sixth graders to continue to practice the good study habits they learned so well as a fifth grader. And students, when possible, please help out those in the grade before you. Remember, you were just there, and you know how it feels.

We require students entering the sixth grade to be current on the meningococcal vaccine. Please see our Health Services page for more information.

7th Grade—Moving Up

Seventh graders are really moving up in the educational system. They are finding out who they are and learning important social skills as well as preparing for the rigors of high school. It’s a jammed-packed year full of learning for all TMS seventh graders!

Before entering the seventh grade, students must be current on the HPV vaccine. Please see our Health Services page for more information.

8th Grade—Moving Out

Aside from our challenging curriculum, we also ask our eighth graders to turn outward by completing 10 hours of community service during the school year. Whether they do yard work or chores for an elderly neighbor, tutor another student, volunteer their services at the library or another public venue, or a myriad of other possibilities, TMS eighth graders learn that they are valuable links in the chain of our society.

Our eighth graders graduate armed and ready for success in high school.

Academic Reporting

Our school year consists of 181 days, divided into trimesters. Academic reporting occurs at the end of each trimester within the Genesis Parent Portal. Report cards are accessible through the portal around the beginning of December, the end of March, and at the conclusion of the school year in June. 

ELL Report Cards
For English-language learners, translations of the report cards can be found using the links below: