Welcome to the Tenakill Middle School (TMS) Library web page! The school library is an essential part of any school and TMS students and staff are privileged to have access to a lovely space filled with sunlight, books, and staffed by a fully certified school librarian who loves literature for children and young adults. 

Students have access to a collection of over 10,000 books that cover a wide range of subjects in the nonfiction section as well as a variety of genres in the fiction section. Ms. Kahn is happy to help any student find his, her, or their next favorite book, as developing a lifelong love of reading is essential to school and career success. 

It is also important for the collection to reflect the diversity of the community as students need to see themselves in books (mirrors) and also need windows into the lives of others. Understanding and appreciating cultural diversity increases empathy and social awareness. Visit this Google working document for a list of some of the diverse titles available to borrow from the TMS Library. 

Students are best served by having choices in their independent reading. We encourage students to request help choosing titles and to recognize when a book is not “working” for them. Students are also encouraged to share titles that they have enjoyed. A student may do this by commenting on Ms. Kahn’s Daily Book Talk in the Library Links Group on Schoology, by sending either a Schoology message or an email to Ms. Kahn, or by filling out the “Book Recommendation Form"

Students may stop by the library to borrow books before or immediately after school and during class with their teacher’s permission. The loan period is two weeks. While there are no overdue charges, we do ask students to return materials promptly so that others may have access to them. Should a student lose a book or damage it, the student is responsible for the cost of replacement.